8 of the World's Greatest Walks

The most enjoyable treks are not just about the walking, they are about walking into the place’s historic past and traditions. Still, these walks are not an effortless task. They will make you test yourself physically and test your will, making an indelible perception of the magnificence of our environment.

Next are eight of the planet's top treks. World's re-creation

Peru's Inca Trail - 26.7 miles - 4 days

Remarkable moments are bountiful on the Inca Trail, but none can compete with the time you walk through the Sun Gate and first see the vision of the forgotten city of Machu Picchu. Ideal time to go: May to September

Colombia’s Lost City ~ 5 days & 27 miles
Travel through the rich jungle through waterways before experiencing the ruins of Teyuna. Make this your first stop and you have the Lost City all to yourself. The best months to go are December to March.
Nepal's Everest Base Camp - 38.5 miles in 13 days

The walk will connect you more to the inhabitants of the Himalayas while realizing an opening to the top of the world. After seeing Everest, you will not look at Earth in the same way again. The best months to go are August to November.

Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania - 21.1 miles in 8 days
Mt Kilimanjaro is Africa's premier crest at 5,895m (19,340 ft). It is no painless task, but unlike other significant summits, it gives those courageous enough to make it to the top. Ideal time to go: September to March.
Europe: Mont Blanc - 77.7 miles - 8 days

The Tour du Mont Blanc runs through three countries: Switzerland, Italy, and France and covers the distance of a hundred miles. It is best to go from June to September

Patagonia: Torres del Paine Circuit - 82.6 miles - 10 days -

Best-known for its views, you will experience breathtaking volcanic backdrops, massive glaciers, and vast steppe-like plains leading to the horizon.

The best time to go is from December to March.

Venezuela's Mt Roirama - 21.1 miles in 6 days
The magnificent mountain of Roraima is precious to the region's local people and is said to have prompted Arthur Conan Doyle’s fiction, "The Lost World." Best time to go: You can walk the Roraima trail at any time of the year but November to April is the perfect time.

The Camino de Santiago, Spain ~ 466 miles and 30 days
The noteworthy Camino de Santiago, also called the St. James Trail, was a crucial Christian trek during the Middle Ages, and it is still viewed as a significant spiritual retreat to this day.

World's icon Best time to go: It can be walked 12 months out of the year but it is optimal somewhere between the spring and autumn - though it will be very busy.

Take A Trip And Make That Special Occasion Even More Amazing

When you think of the holidays or that important occasion, celebration, creating memories and having a good time come to mind. So, why not think about visiting Santa’s workshop in Lapland, going away on an intimate break in Dubrovnik for Valentine’s Day, getting married in St. Lucia and honeymooning in Bora Bora? This list gives you some of the finest destinations to celebrate your significant moments and create memories to survive a lifetime.

Merry Christmas from Rovaniemi, Lapland!
If you seek to tick all the magical boxes, journey to Lapland with your kids at Christmas time. Situated on the Arctic Circle, this locale is the most enchanting destination for young kids and grown-ups to have fun and welcome the spirit of Christmas. Everyday, children will be able to meet Santa Claus at Santa Claus Village, and stop by the Santa Park where Santa’s little helpers and his reindeer are there to say hello.

A child’s wish come true!

Happy New Year's Eve from Sydney Harbour Bridge!
Considered among the best fireworks display in the globe, the city of Sydney features a stunning array of displays. The fun starts at 6 pm with a pre-fireworks bash at Sydney Harbour, then is then followed up by a family-fireworks show at Syndey Harbor Bridge and harbour at midnight.

This 12-minute performance is dazzling and is enjoyed by millions worldwide.

Happy Valentine's Day from Dubrovnik
Because of its medieval city setting and Croatian charms, the city of Dubrovnik is one of southeastern Europe’s foremost inspiring cities. Dubrovnik might be the perfect spot to propose, with its old charming buildings oozing with medieval history.

This town has seized the hearts of many including poets, writers, and painters. Jump on a cable car to uncover the city where you can glimpse the terracotta rooftops, the opposing island of Lokrum and the Adriatic Sea.

Getting Married in St. Lucia

St. Lucia is considered one of the top wedding locations in the world and there are many factors for this. Rich rain forests and wildlife make up this tropical island and its most celebrated sight are the emerald green twin peaks called the Pitons.

World's original This Caribbean island undoubtedly makes the most desirable place for your heavenly beach-side wedding ceremony.

Enjoy Your Honeymoon in Bora Bora
Though it is only 6 miles long and a little more than 2 miles wide, the smaller island of Bora Bora is filled with organic wonder. At the island's core ascends Mt. Otemanu, a 727m hibernating volcano, and it is encircled by sand-fringed motus (islets) and a greenish blue lagoon shielded by a coral reef.

James Michener, the novelist who authored “Tales of the South Pacific”, penned it the “most beautiful island in the world.” Long before this, the 18th century British explorer, James Cook, called the island the ”Pearl of the Pacific”. Bora Bora is the recommended place for a tropical getaway; with its premium resorts, ideal weather and friendly locals.

Spend Your Anniversary in Bali

If you are looking for the perfect location to spend your anniversary, Bali is the place to go; with its colossal mountains, beaches and coral reefs.

Bali feels and looks like paradise on earth, with its colorful scenery and fantastic blue waters. Bali brings luxury travelers, with its theatrical dances and traditional ceremonies, and ritzy resorts and energetic nightlife.

Do these adventures sound good to you and your partner? Private excursions such as cruising in Crystal Bay, tours to the sacred volcano of Mt. Batur, and helicopter rides, as well as couple’s massages and cooking classes with local people – then Bali is your anniversary destination.

The Perfect Honeymoon for You

Let's face it, one of the greatest parts about arranging a wedding is that you get to take an awesome vacation after your "I do’s." Newlywed couples are constantly on the lookout for honeymoon packages that cater specifically to their needs, a fact that many resorts and cruise lines have come to realize.

After the excitement of the wedding, most honeymooners are looking for a spot where they can renew their strength and share in the first memories as a married couple. Honeymooners can choose from myriad destination options where they can enjoy those first days or weeks together.

I love you...marry me?

You’ve been swept away by your love and now you want to create the ultimate honeymoon. The vast US, from the Atlantic to the Pacific oceans, has a range of destination possibilities for all honeymooners whether they’re into mountain climbing, kayaking, skiing, or sightseeing.

Los Angeles and San Francisco, California

California has some of the most well known sites in the world, from the amazing Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, to the enormous Hollywood sign in Los Angeles.

New York, New York

Discernable and knowing New York City hoteliers have a keen eye for what newlyweds and other romantics need from their stay in one of the world’s quintessential cities. So, (step out of the bedroom and absorb the sites and sounds the Big Apple has to offer.

Hawaii’s beautiful beaches and hidden coves; premier hotels; fresh, inventive cuisine; water sports aplenty; extraordinary natural beauty; and optimal weather make it one of the world’s top-notch honeymoon destinations.

Las Vegas
And don’t forget Las Vegas. Honeymooners who are into night-time activity and relish 24-hour buzz over lounging at the beach, will find this the perfect destination for them. World's photograph Europe’s cultural marvels, varied cuisines and relaxing shores make it a great honeymoon destination.

Paris, the City of Love, makes for the ideal place to honeymoon:; a place where couples can people-watch by day and enjoy a intimate walk under the sparkling lights of the Eiffel Tower at night.


Travel over to Italy and experience its many wonders, from its historical marvels, delicious food, and well-known fashion, to name just a few. Make a stop-over in idyllic Tuscany, a place where you can relax with a glass of Chianti, visit enchanting small towns, not to overlook some of the area's famed culture-rich cities.

Venice, often referred to as the City of Water, is famous for its crooning gondolieri filling the Grand Canal and the recognizable masks adorning the faces of those who participate in its world-renowned Carnival.


Spain offers may places to visit: from the historic, the natural wonder, to the sunny coasts and party islands. The intricate architectural design and folklore infusing Seville make this Spanish city an ideal place for couples to discover together. Its magnificent palaces and parks are perfect places to explore during the day.

Follow this up with a rejuvenating siesta so you have the stamina to dance all night long.

And let's not forget about Greece with its azure waters and dazzling whitewashed homes. Its famous ouzo is an excellent accompaniment to its deliciously fresh seafood and other specialties. Great honeymoon memories can be made in the South Pacific.

8 description Fiji and Tahiti are a couple of the South Pacific's greatest honeymoon destinations. Both islands offer newlyweds long stretches of pristine, tranquil beaches as well as over-the-top lodging. In the over-water suites, you'll be fascinated when you see tropical fish swimming beneath the glass panels under your coffee table.

Honeymooning in Africa is an adventure beyond compare.
The least exciting thing you’ll do on an African honeymoon is to read a book in front of a hippo-filled river because the rest of the time you’ll be on a thrilling game drive, a walking safari, a fishing expedition or a canoe trip.

Accompanied by the sounds of the African bush, and the occasional roar of a lion, drink to the start of married life by the light of a camp fire and the twinkling of the stars. Get away from the crowds and enjoy a true sense of wilderness in Zambia, also known as the “Real Africa”. It has become a favored destination among honeymooning couples who seek adventure and have a love of nature. Witness the magnificent sunsets and peace in this remote area filled with unspoiled wildlife. A world in one honeymoon, South Africa offers one of the world's most fabulous cities, Cape Town, an wealth of Big 5 game reserves, charming wine routes, pristine, sun-drenched beaches and stunning mountain ranges.The “Rainbow Nation” is also home to a significant number of varied cultures full of their own history and customs.

Mauritius, a very popular destination among newlyweds, is an island which lies about 1,200 miles off the southeast coast of Africa. This balmy island on the Indian Ocean is covered with palm-fringed shores making it the perfect place to honeymoon.

Honeymooners will find that Mauritius provides a mixture of activity, plenty of opportunities to just lay back and relax, deluxe lodgings and the personal service they look for for such a momentous time.

A Playful Paradise for Two

No matter what you want your romantic trip to be, there are a host of destinations where you can pick from elaborate to simple options. Sometimes going on a vacation and spending quality time with the person you love goes further than any gift ever could. Vacation resorts all over the world now cater expressly to the needs of couples who choose to shake things up a bit.

What's your idea of a perfect romantic escapade?

The rose petals scattered on the bed may not be for you, but no one can turn away bubbly, delicious chocolates, and the perfume of fresh flowers in their room. There are many preconceived ideas of which destinations make for the finest romantic getaway. For you, that may entail palm trees on a white-sand shore, or cocktails with a view of the sun setting on the Pacific Ocean.

Some couples may appreciate long walks alongside the River Seine in Paris or a trip to Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance.

Here are some of the world's top romantic destinations for couples in search of an intimate, blissful, and carefree destination where they can spend some quality time with each other.

St. Lucia

The little island of St. Lucia is regarded to be one of the hidden gems in the eastern Caribbean Sea. With equal parts relaxation and adventure, the island of St. Lucia is perfect for couples who appreciate basking in the sun and making the most of the first-rate amenities on offer.

Kauai, Hawaii
Adventure and romance are intertwined on the island of Kauai, Hawaii making it the ideal place for couples seeking both. The oldest of the Hawaiian Islands, it has everything from stunning scenery to breathtaking beaches to signature views.

Walks foto Referred to as the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific,” visitors can explore its breathtaking canyon and waterfalls.

While this gorgeous nation may not be the first place you think of for a romantic destination, this East African country has all the elements for a amazing couple’s getaway.

In addition to its ultra -romantic nature, Fiji, in the South Pacific, is also a spot where a lot of fun can be had.

It is a nation in Melanesia made of more than 330 islands and full of first-rate resorts and spas. With its year-round warm weather and numbers of possibilities for romantic moments, it really is no wonder why Fiji is such a well-known destination for couples.

Everyone with a list of must-dos should trek through Patagonia, a jaw-dropping-blowing, sparsely inhabited region split between by Chile and Argentina.

Romantics and curious travelers alike have long been drawn to this faraway land filled with awe-inspiring vistas you will likely never forget. There is no place on the planet like Patagonia with its extraordinary glaciers, lush ancient forests, snow-capped mountains, and spectacular fjords.

Weekend Getaways Close to Home

There are times when a quick weekend getaway is precisely what you need to loosen up and unwind. You might believe it will be tough to find a location close enough to make it worth it for only a few days. Below are just a few of the countless possibilities for your special weekend away.

New York City
Greatest sample Travelers can reach New York City by train, plane or automobile, so weekend getaways are a piece of cake.

It has so many interesting inside and outside things to do that temperature should not factor into your decision: Central Park and the High Line for lovers of the outdoors, and intriguing museums or entertaining Broadway shows if and when you prefer to stay indoors. If you like fascinating historical monuments, you can reach both Ellis Island and the famous Statue of Liberty via an enjoyable ferry ride.

San Francisco
San Francisco is one of the most breathtaking cities in the nation with its iconic Golden Gate Bridge, Victorian architecture dotting the steep hills, interesting and unique neighborhoods, cable cars, and great weather all year long.

What's more, sports fans can enjoy wonderful views of the San Francisco Bay from AT&T Park in baseball season.

Washington, D.C.
The U.S. capital is not only a beautiful city, it also has a good deal to do and see, with many popular sights free of charge: the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, and so many more, all within walking distance of each other on the National Mall. While visiting, don't miss out on the popular weekend brunch scene – just be sure to make reservations in advance.

New Orleans
The wonderful city of New Orleans offers an impressive array of activities to pick from. History buffs can visit The National WWII Museum, while outdoorsy visitors can walk through City Park.

Of course, if you have a weekend in New Orleans, you should walk around the famous French Quarter and sample the traditional beignets.

Nashville, NC
Part mountain town, part hipster sanctuary, this North Carolina locale is a haven for adventure-seekers and beer lovers. For awesome jaw-dropping views, check out the nearby Blue Ridge Parkway and Pisgah National Forest, or if you would like to be more active, hike a segment of the iconic Appalachian Trail that passes through.

When you have worked up an appetite, stop in at one of the craft breweries to sip one of the 100-plus local beers and some tasty food.


Because it is centrally located and not hard to get to from just about anywhere in the U.S., Chicago is a great weekend destination for people wanting to experience its lively bar and restaurant scene, architectural history, or other activities. When the temperatures are mild, check out the iconic sculpture nicknamed “The Bean” or take a tour down the Chicago River to view the beautiful architecture.

If you go in the colder winter months, you might prefer to visit the amazing local museums like the Art Institute of Chicago or the Field Museum.


This lovely coastal city has a lot to offer: have a coffee at the original Starbucks, then head over to the iconic Space Needle, and finally check out the scene at the fun Pike Place Market where you can have dinner at one of the wonderful restaurants.

Outdoor adventurers will want to enjoy time on beautiful Mount St. Helens, an active volcano, or in the wonderful Discovery Park. Don’t fail to dress appropriately – Seattle is known for its cloudy and wet climate.

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